100,000 Baht Donation

Another donation towards our Charter Project "Every Life Deserves".

During our first weekly meeting of the new Rotary Year, Wednesday 03 July 2019, held at the Pullman Hotel, we were very happy to donate an additional 100,000 THB towards the Ban Meata Children’s Home in Khon Kaen. On the picture above you can see the chairman of the project Werner Meyer (in the middle), presenting the cheque to some of the carers and children of House of Mercy Foundation
We want to acknowledge the generosity of Rotary Club  Bern Rosengarten, together with all the people who supported our Fundraising activities for the project, who enabled us to donate the 100,000 THB.

We as our Rotary Club are committed to an ongoing partnership with House of Mercy Foundation helping to support the essential daily costs for raising the new generation of children in their care. When we started our Charter Project Every Life Deserves, we committed 1 million THB over a period of 5 years. With today’s donation, we reached 900,000 THB and so we still have the challenge to raise the last 100,000 THB before the end of the year.

"It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." Mother Teresa

Last month Ban Meata has started caring for a new baby boy they have named, Noah. He is just six months old and his very young mother had no interest and no support to care for him.

On the picture on the right you can see the new baby Naoh: you can read in more detail if you click on this link  A new baby joining the Ban Meata Family

With the arrival of Noah, the number of children has raised to 13  over the last couple of months, and it is expected the number will continue to increase over the months and years to come. For this reason we have decided during this first meeting of the new Rotary Year, to sustain our support towards Ban Meata, beyond out initial commitment of 5 years, with a target of a minimum of 100,000THB per year. 

If you would be interested to support our Every Life Deserves Project, please follow this link and see how you can “give” toward our project.