Flood Relief Khon Kaen

Helping the flood victims in Khon Kaen area.

In the aftermath of the flooding which affected several districts, sub-districts and villages in our province of Khon Kaen, we made the decision to provide short term and midterm relief enabling the flood victims to re-establish their lives.
Based on our experience, immediate relief with food and drinkable water are usually organised but once the disaster has lost the media attention, people who were (severely) affected by the floods get forgotten and are on their own to make a new start..

In the first days following the floods of early September, we organized a first support donating clothes, blankets, food and drinkable water. 

"Each of us as human beings has a responsibility to reach out to help our brothers and sisters affected by disasters. One day it may be us or our loved ones needing someone to reach out and help.." Michael W. Hawkins, American Red Cross

The needs are still big in many villages and we are preparing more relief in the days and weeks to come: food, drinkable water, clothes,… and in cooperation with the Vocational Training Centres in Khon Kaen, we are supporting oil and would like to provide spare parts for bikes and cars, and parts for electrical equipment (fridge, washing machine,…).
The vocational schools provides the mechanics, the “hands” and we support them with the “parts”, so people in the villages affected get some of their vital equipment repaired on the spot

Later this month, on Saturday 28 September, we organize a Charity Quiz Night  at the Blues Sports Bar in Khon Kaen, to raise more funds. Click here for more details


Furthermore, from now until the 28th of September, we are selling “Charity Brownies” for 50 THB each, at the Blues Sports Bar to help the flood victims in Khon Kaen Province. On the picture on the right you can see the Charity Brownies: more detail if you click on this link.

All the funds from the sale of the Charity Brownies and from our Charity Quiz night, will go entirely towards helping the flood victims.

The flood victims need all the help they can get, so if you have anything you would like to donate towards them (blankets, clothes, food items or anything else you think could be beneficial for them) you can bring along when you join our Quiz Night.
If you are not able to join on that Saturday night, you can bring it to Blues Sports Bar any day from now until the 28th of September and leave it at the bar for the Rotary Club members. All the items collected will be handed out to the people in need, in the weeks to come.


If you would be interested to support our Khon Kaen Flood Relief 2019 Project, please contact us and we can discuss in more detail how you can make a difference for many of the people affected by the floods in our Province.