"Give Hope" Donation

Another donation towards our "Give Hope" Project - Khon Kaen, 18 May, 2020

In these difficult times, where social distancing has to be respected and the country is still in a lockdown situation, due to the Covis-19 virus, we are very happy to be able to donate additional medical equipment, for a value of 50,000 THB (1.600 US$) towards the Children’s Cancer Department of Khon Kaen Hospital. In the picture above you can see doctors, nursing staff, the head of the department and some of the patients receiving the equipment. None of our Club members could attend in person due to visitor restrictions.

Once again we want to acknowledge the generosity of all golf players and sponsors supporting our 5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament on Sunday, February 23, together with all the people who supported our Fundraising activities for this project, who enabled us to donate this much needed equipment.  Furthermore we want to thank the supplier, Berlin Germany Import Co.,Ltd. in Bangkok, who managed to get the equipment delivered well before the expected delivery date. 

We as our Rotary Club are committed to support the Pediatric Oncology Ward at the Khon Kaen Hospital, and the list of much needed equipment is still long, so we will continue our project and organize more fundraising activities. 

"It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." Mother Teresa

As informed a couple of weeks ago, based on the most recent need assessment, the highest priority on the list were three medical devices: an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine, an emergency/crash cart and a medicine trolley. The ECG has been delivered beginning of the month of April. 

The rationale behind the Crash Cart, is based on the following facts: 
All patients at the Paediatric Oncology ward are at risk of having unexpected medical emergencies, requiring equipment to deal with that emergency efficiently. That is why an emergency/ crash cart is mandatory. A crash cart contains the equipment and medication that are required to treat a patient in the first thirty minutes or so of a medical emergency. According to the American Heart Association guidelines, it is recommended for any facility that treats patients, who have the risk to encounter a sudden deterioration in their condition, to have a crash cart available and so does the Paediatric Oncology ward.


The ward has an old crash cart (see left on the picture), donated from another department at the hospital, which has been used for over 20 years. This cart doesn’t comply with the actual minimum standards. As you can observe this current emergency cart is old and difficult to transfer due to heavy weight and rusty wheels. It is obvious that a new crash cart, will benefit the patient care during any emergency crisis.

The rationale behind the medicine cart is based on the following facts:
In the realm of healthcare, mobile cart technology is quickly becoming the standard in the patient room. These carts are vital to healthcare operations. The purpose of a medication cart is to make it easier and more efficient for the medical personnel to give out medication to patients. Without a cart to store medication, it can be difficult to keep medication organised and stored properly. Actually, the ward doesn’t have a medicine cart and is using a simple trolly, which is substandard, and which could cause confusing for some of the medication or patients. Typically, the nurses are responsible for the critical stages of the medication delivery, with a risk of error at any stage. With this new medication cart containing individual drawers designated for specific medications and or specific patients, errors will occur less frequently or none, while dispensing of medicine.



The new equipment will result in an overall substantial benefit for the paediatric oncology unit, improve the quality of patient care, represent a major time saving benefit and speed up some of the treatment

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