Barbara and Dori, our newest members

Barbara and Dori, inducted as our newest member during the meeting on November 18, 2020.

During our weekly meeting, this Wednesday 18 November 2020, held at the Pullman Hotel, we officially accepted and inducted, Barbara and Dori Shimoda as our newest members.
Barbara and Dori, are our first member coming from New York City. With their membership, we increased the number of members  in our Rotary Club up to 20. The number of different  nationalities remained unchanged, 13.

Barbara’s nursing and business entrepreneur career was driven by her passion to help people and children. Barbara was raised in the rough and tumble neighborhoods of New York City’s Chinatown, adjacent to the Mafia-dominated Little Italy. She married and lived a very comfortable life in Chinatown. Her first-born son, born premature with severe brain damage, was a defining moment for Barbara. She was in awe of the medical advancements and attentive doctor and nurses’ care that nurtured her son through twelve operations to becoming fully functional. She secured her registered nurse degrees at the prestigious Vassar College and Beth Israel in New York. As a single mother, she transitioned her career starting a medispa/laser clinic in lavish SOHO New York City in order to raise her three children and 7 foster children in her one room Chinatown apartment. Transitioning again, she became Give Children A Choice’s Country Director in Laos and spearheaded its medical and health programs. Barbara and her husband Dori are Advisors to the Christian Foundation for the Blind Thailand. She and her husband re passionate travelers with purpose. Her New York company sells jade and gems in the US. She retired in Khon Kaen in 2017.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. African Proverb

Dori’s banking and payments career focused on strategy, innovation and business transformation, acquisitions, joint ventures. His earlier years at Citibank, Dori’s efforts led to creation of the paperless credit and debit cards, ATMs. At JP Morgan Chase, he led joint ventures with Fortune 100 and technology companies to transform mortgage lending. Dori led and worked with large New York bank-led consortia, focused on debit card, credit card, prepaid card payment networks. Dori was selected as a member of the banking committee of President Clinton’s Presidential Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection and other banking lobbying groups in Washington DC. Dori transitioned from his corporate career to a career of giving back by founding grassroots NGO Give Children A Choice. His NGO built 40 schools in poor remote villages in China and Laos, distributed vitamins to 100,000 children and pregnant/lactating mothers in poor Lao villages, and created a program to enable maimed, UXO (bomb survivors) to achieve financial sustainability. Dori testified in US Congress, advocating the US government taking responsibility for the damage it caused during its US Secret War in Laos. Dori and his Barbara are Advisors to the Christian Foundation for the Blind Thailand. He and his wife Barbara are passionate travelers with purpose. They retired in Khon Kaen in 2017.

During the official ceremony, Barbara and Dori received the Rotary pin from the Rotary District Governor, who was visiting our Club this week.

From now on, with this pin they can attend meetings of any Rotary Club in the world.

All the members present welcomed Barbara and Dori to the Club and we all hope and expect them to be a great addition to our Club and become one of our greatest Rotarians in the future.

From left to right on the picture: Barbara Shimoda, District Governor Wimol Kachintaksa, Dori Shimoda and President-elect Thomas Raldorf


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