"Give Hope" Donation

Another donation towards our "Give Hope" Project - Khon Kaen, 8 April, 2020

In these difficult Corona times, where social distancing has to be respected, we are very happy to donate an electrocardiogram machine (ECG), for a value of 150,000 THB (4.600 US$) towards the Children’s Cancer Department of Khon Kaen Hospital. In the picture above you can see some of the doctors, nursing staff and the head of the department receiving the equipment. None of our Club members could attend in person due to visitor restrictions.

We want to acknowledge the generosity of all golf players and sponsors supporting our 5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament on Sunday, February 23, together with all the people who supported our Fundraising activities for this project, who enabled us to donate this ECG machine. This is the first donation with the money raised this year, the other items have a longer delivery time. 

We as our Rotary Club are committed to support the Pediatric Oncology Ward at the Khon Kaen Hospital, with the aim to "Give Hope" for children fighting cancer, helping to bring as much normality and happiness as possible to their childhood . When we started our Give Hope Project in 2015, our first donation was school materials for the inhouse classroom in the ward. Since then we have donated medical equipment, beds, school material and Christmas gifts for the children. The list of much needed equipment is still long, so we will continue our project and organize more fundraising activities. 

"It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." Mother Teresa

The Paediatric Oncology Ward at the Khon Kaen Hospital is a 24-bed unit. They provide a high standard of care for all children with cancer aged 0-15 years old. Every year approximately 50 to 60 new cancer cases are diagnosed and between 120 to 150 children are treated with chemotherapy every month.

A cancer treatment in general starts with a first admission or “episode” when the patient starts a chemotherapy treatment and is followed by several associated episodes until the treatment ends. Per year over 1,000 episodes are initiated.

Based on the most recent need assessment, the highest priority on the list are three medical devices: an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine, an emergency/crash cart and a medicine trolley.

The rationale behind the ECG, is based on the following facts: 
All new admitted patients need an ECG at intake. And all patients having a treatment protocol for their cancer require a cardiac assessment prior to and during the treatment, especially when the protocol is containing cardiotoxic medication.

Currently, there is no ECG machine at the unit. When the doctor orders an ECG to be done, the nursing staff need to transfer the patient to the cardiology department in another building and wait in the queue there. The waiting time depends on the workload of the ECG unit on that day. Any delay regarding the ECG results, will defer the treatment until proven otherwise for the cardiac safety of the patient.

For a certain number of patients, the cancer causes many problems reducing the patient’s mobility and or causing a lot of pain. For these patients the transfer to and from the cardiology unit is even more difficult and has also a negative impact on the patient’s overall wellbeing. Furthermore, some treatment protocol requires ECG monitoring after treatment, every two months prior to receiving the next treatment.

All requirements mentioned above, results in a high demand for an ECG monitor at the Paediatric Oncology Ward, without being dependent on the cardiology department. An ECG machine at the PO unit, will enable the medical staff to perform ECG for patients at their bedside, as many times as required and without any delay. That will result in an overall substantial benefit for the paediatric oncology unit, improve the quality of patient care, represent a major time saving benefit and speed up some of the treatment.


The supplier of the ECG Monitor, Berlin Germany Import Co.,Ltd. in Bangkok, organized the training of the staff the same morning, in order to get everything operational the same day.

We were very impressed by the quality of service. and even more important, the support we received from the supplier to get us this state-of-the-art technology at a very reasonable price for our charity project.

Later the same day, the first patients already could benefit from the ECG monitoring within the ward, without the burden of being transferred to the Cardiology department. This youngster was very happy to show us (remotely) the first print out of his ECG processed within the ward.

The medical staff is very happy with the improved and faster service they can offer the patients now.



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