Connecting to ... the Netherlands

Our Rotary members once again on the move... today connecting to the Netherlands

On Thursday June 13, 2019 our member Tony Faure, had the great pleasure to meet with the President of the Rotary Club of Amstelveen-Amstel, the Netherlands .

On the picture above you see the Club President Chretien Mommers (right) and Tony (left) exchanging our Rotary Club flags

Tony had the opportunity to make a 35-minute presentation after the dinner about our Rotary Club and the fundraising events he organized with Magic Brothers, followed by interesting questions and comments from the members.

Rotary Connects the World Mark Daniel Maloney

The President of the Club offered a donation of 500 euros from the Club to Magic Brothers World to continue with our charity magic program in the Netherlands and in Europe. We may offer activities together with this Club in the future, maybe in February or March 2020.

Being part of Rotary International provides a way to connect to people and to build strong and lasting relationships. Our membership connects us to a global community and our service connects us to people who share the same values and who want to take action for a better world. It connects us to people we would never otherwise meet and who are more like us than we could have imagined.