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Overall Objective

Our ambition is to provide the opportunity for Thai at-risk youth from poorer families, some without family, to get access to high-quality training and empower them to take their future into their own hands.

Action Plan

The object is to train local teachers, attached to 10 different Government Welfare schools, to become bilingual qualified trainers, who will develop Leadership, communication and character skills and instill the value of “giving back”, to more than 400 students.

Our Partners

This GG Project has been initiated by RC Independence, Missouri as International partner and we are the local host club in Thailand. We are partnering with several Rotary Clubs in our District, Northeast Thailand, who will help to advance this important cause.

Budget and Funding

We are working on the final budget at this moment in time.
May 2019


Achievements and Impact.
We are still in de application phase of the project, so nothing to report yet.

News and Info

Here you can read more (background) information on the cause we are supporting, local and international, and find more details on events and activities organized.